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At We Save Property Tax we are dedicated in assisting property investors and developers to effectively manage their taxes.


Our expert property tax advisors provide tailored and bespoke solutions based on your individual facts, circumstances and needs (not boxed solutions), we do not promote any aggressive structures or tax schemes.


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Property taxes can be a significant cost for investors and developers, therefore it’s important to try and mitigate this cost where possible by using sensible tax planning. That’s where our property tax advisory service comes in – we will work with you to identify any available reliefs, exemptions, structures or strategies that may assist you mitigate your taxes.


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Expert tax advisor who specialize in international property investments can be invaluable assets.

  1. In-Depth Knowledge: Tax advisors are well-versed in the intricacies of different countries’ tax codes, ensuring investors don’t miss out on available allowances.
  2. Structuring Advice: Advisors can recommend optimal ownership structures to maximize tax efficiency, such as setting up a trust or a holding company.
  3. Compliance Guidance: Staying compliant with local tax regulations is paramount. Advisors ensure all necessary forms are submitted accurately and on time.

Expert Property Tax advisor

Expert Property Tax advisor

Looking to mitigate property taxes? We’ve got you covered! We Save Property Tax (WSPTAX) are one of UK’s top tax and accounting service specialists. Our team of property tax experts are here to help you with sensible, reliable, professional, and affordable tax advice. 



Way Choose Us?

  • Experienced Team: We are qualified and experienced tax advisors; our property tax experts have decades of industry know-how. 

  • Tailored Solutions: We focus on your facts and circumstances, providing a personalised and tailored services, not boxed solutions.
  • Sensible Tax Planning Only: we do not promote any aggressive tax schemes, structures or planning as we guided and regulated by our professional bodies to follow a professional tax code on tax work.
  • Affordable Rates: Great service doesn’t have to break the bank – our prices are transparent and fair.

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Our team of Expert Property Tax advisor and Accountants are available to assist you with property tax planning and compliance. Schedule a meeting with us now to learn more.


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How can Property Tax accountants Assist you?

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

It can be difficult to talk about death. However, it is essential to think about succession and inheritance tax before it is too late. We can assist with estate planning to mitigate your inheritance tax exposure.

landlord tax planning

Landlord Tax Planning

Tax is a significant cost and therefore where possible and commercially sensible one may be able to mitigate this cost whilst ensuring good compliance.

tax investigations

Land, Property and Construction- VAT

Are you looking for a reliable and professional VAT service provider who can help you mitigate VAT? Look no further than our team at WSPTAX!

tax investigations

Tax Investigations

When things go run, you may need tax investigations support. We can manage the investigation and therefore take away some of the hassle and stress.

Trust tax advice

Trust Tax Advice

Our team has extensive experience with trusts, we can assist with trust planning and the associated compliance.

tax return filing

Tax Returns Filings

Did you know that when you sell property, you may be required to file a capital gains tax return and pay tax within 60 days? We can assist you with reporting and compliance and your general compliance, as good reporting and compliance is essential.

What Our Clients Say

Iqbal Zafar
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I have been IBISS & CO client for past 7 years. Their team is professional and proactive who assist me in filing my overseas and UK tax disclosure. I really recommend them.
Ahmed Hussain
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"I've had the pleasure of working with wesavepropertytax.com for my business needs. It has been an amazing experience so far. The receptionists and team are super helpful. Customer support is unparalleled. They go above and beyond. I would recommend them to anyone!"
Stephen Hudson
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The response from wesave propertytax.com to my tax problem was rapid and professional. The advisor understood the problem and recommended an appropriate course of action to resolve the matter. His instruction as to what documents I needed to produce were clear and precise. I was particularly impressed by the firms website which documents the services available and the costings of their services.
Andrea Callegari
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Excellent service! Provided a clear explanation of my matter in a timely manner. Very helpful and polite. Highly recommend.
Dasha Slavinskaya
Read More
I am very happy with IBISS & Co service for my interior design studio. VAT, profit and loss, payroll, pensions and other monthly, quarterly and annually routine is trusted to the reliable team of accountant. Alway ready to give any sort of consultation and look at the ways of improvement. Thank you for making life easier!
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We have a proven track record of success and ensure high-quality solutions, strict privacy policies, innumerable free resources, and services that enable you to save the most money.

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Muhammad Sufyan Moavia (FCCA,CTA)

M. Sufyan Moavia


Shabeer Yousuf (CTA, LLB)

Shabeer Yousuf


Ken Moody CTA, Author, Ex-HMRC Inspector (CTA, LLB)

Ken Moody

CTA, Author, Ex-HMRC Inspector (CTA, LLB)

Ian Spencer Ex-HMRC VAT Inspector

Ian Spencer

Ex-HMRC VAT Inspector

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