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Tax planning is the process of minimizing tax liabilities through effective financial management strategies. It involves analyzing a person’s or company’s financial situation to determine how to optimize tax efficiency. Effective tax planning can lead to significant savings and increased financial stability.


SDLT Mitigation:

Did you know that billions have been overpaid in SDLT on property as advisers have not claimed the available statutory stamp duty reliefs or have incorrectly calculated the stamp duty reliefs, did you also know that you may claim a combination of the statutory reliefs to achieve the lowest SDLT charge.


VAT Mitigation:

VAT land and property is a complex area of VAT, but with the right advice at the right time, you could potentially make significant savings., assist with cashflow, avoid the unnecessary SDLT charge on the VAT, conversely, mistakes can equally be costly, did you know that VAT



Structuring property transactions can substantially reduce the tax burden during the property journey, our property experts will advise on suitable structures and strategies to meet your needs in the short, medium and long term.

Tax Planning

Income Tax Planning:

Did you know that incorporation relief may not be the most tax efficient solution for property investors, have you considered the alternative family partnership structure which may result in significant tax savings whilst providing flexibility.


Incorporation Relief:


Transferring a property rental business to a corporate may be tax efficient (subject to the fact and circumstances), however before one incorporates a property rental business, a financial modelling exercise should be undertaken to calculate the benefits in real terms.  We can advise on incorporation relief.


Corporate Restructures:

A reorganisation to achieve the right structure, can often lead to significant savings and create opportunities for a business to grow and innovate in the medium to longer term. There are a number of tax reliefs available which can minimise or eliminate tax charges arising as a consequence of a reorganisation. Many of these reliefs have specific rules and conditions attached to them. We can help you navigate your way through a restructuring, reorganisation, merger or demerger to ensure that it is conducted in the most tax efficient way possible. Getting it wrong can led to unexpected surprises and tax costs.

Tax planning

Succession & Exits

Capital Gains Tax Planning:

This appears to be an area of tax where there are underused statutory reliefs and strategies to mitigate the tax burden, forward and pre-planning is a must.

Inheritance Tax Planning & Estate Planning (life time &  death planning):

Inheritance Tax (‘IHT’) has been commonly described as a ‘voluntary tax’ and with good reason. It can usually be reduced with proper and often simple planning, ranging from lifetime planning, trust planning, will planning or even post death planning can mitigate tax.

Whilst family investment companies are in vogue, do not completely discount trust planning or family investment partnerships.


Asset Protection is essential for protecting and preserving company and family assets from third-party claims, divorce, bankruptcy, spendthrift spouses, and youthful improvidence.


Taking the most appropriate action for the protection of your own personal assets is a very complex undertaking, requiring specialist taxation and legal assistance. Asset protection must be commercially driven and cannot be used to avoid paying creditors.


Whilst asset protection is fundamental in considering estate planning, the principle can be extended to other circumstances as well.

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