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At We Save Property Tax. We are a team of Property tax experts, chartered tax advisers and chartered certified accountants with 100 years of combined experience. Our people specialise in the field of property tax, accounting and compliance. We are continuously working to improve ourselves so that we offer the highest quality of services to our clients.

Property Tax Experts Team

Muhammad Sufyan Moavia (FCCA,CTA)- Property tax experts

Muhammad Sufyan Moavia (FCCA,CTA)

Muhammad Sufyan Moavia is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and a Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) with over 17 years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation. He is passionate about using his extensive knowledge of tax legislation to offer advisory and consultancy services to individual and corporate clients, ensuring they use the most optimal property investment strategies that can help them take advantage of tax reliefs and exemptions.

Currently, his focus is on providing professional assistance to property landlords, assisting high net-worth individuals in tax matters, inheritance tax and legacy planning, and helping property investors grow their businesses.


Ken Moody (CTA, Author, Ex-HMRC Inspector)

Ken Moody
CTA, Author, Ex-HMRC Inspector

Ken qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) in 1977, a fellow of the CIOT in 2011 and is published tax author. Ken’s breadth and depth of knowledge is very extensive and includes but not limited to property, personal and corporate tax issues, including Property Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Taxation of Trusts and Estates.
Shabeer Yousuf (CTA, LLB)

Shabeer Yousuf

Shabeer Yousuf is a Chartered Tax Adviser and holds a Bachelor of Law degree with over 19 years in tax planning HNWIs and Trusts. His career highlights include working as a CTA and Senior Tax Planning Manager with the Big 4 accountancy firms. Including Ernst & Young and KPMG. He has also worked in a key position at PKF.


Shabeer strives to offer practical solutions for even the most complex tax problems. He is known for genuinely caring about his clients and ensuring each one of them receives true value for his money.


Ian Spencer Ex-HMRC VAT Inspector

Ian Spencer
Ex-HMRC VAT Inspector

Ian is an ex VAT Inspector. Ian has over 30 years VAT experience in particular the VAT saving for Land & Buildings transactions, for investors, developers, dealers and contractors.

Sean Palmer- CTA Ex-HMRC Inspector of Taxes

Sean Palmer-
CTA Ex-HMRC Inspector of Taxes

Sean is an ex-Inspector of Taxes. Sean has over 25 years experience in dealing with serious tax fraud COP 8 and 9 cases. Which include property based clients working on both sides of the tax industry provides perspective when dealing with property tax matters.

Asim Hussain (FCCA, M.Com)

Asim Hussain

Asim has over 15 years’ experience in dealing with construction industry clientele including developers, main contractors, subcontractors and trading supplies companies. He has been dealing with HMRC enquiries related to VAT, CIS and corporation tax. He has knowledge of commercial/quantity surveying and hands on experience in generating cash flows, variance analysis reports and business plans for property landlords, developers and construction companies.

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