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At We Save Property Tax, we understand that many of our clients need help filing their tax returns, especially if they are paying taxes for the first time, have gained a secondary source of income, have inherited property, have started property investment, or have a change in their financial circumstances.

No matter what the situation, We Save Property Tax As property tax advisor offers assistance with your tax return services, enabling you to avoid paying more than you need while staying compliant with the law.

Property Tax Advisor

Landlord Tax Planning

Landlord tax planning can help you maximize all available tax advantages, including Section 24 -Interest Relief Restrictions and Section 162-Incorporation Relief. With the right planning, we can help you benefit from these tax legislations to optimally restructure your property rental business without having to pay more taxes and without resorting to shady loopholes.

Transfer of Property into Limited Company

Transferring your buy-to-let property portfolio to a limited company structure will allow you to pay tax only on a set percentage of your earnings. We can help you do that, regardless of how much profit value the company has, unless you take it out for personal use. By holding your profits inside a special purpose vehicle, you can benefit from many tax advantages.

Estate Planning & Inheritance Tax

Estate planning can help you save thousands of pounds every year. If you have any property above the nil rate band, you will usually be charged an inheritance tax of 40%. By hiring our services early on, you can ensure that more of your money will go to your beneficiaries. We can help you develop various strategies that can help you reduce your tax payments.

Capital Gains Tax Planning

If you are considering selling one or more of your properties, it is important to take into account any capital gains tax you may accrue. At We Save Property Taxes, we can help you find out how much capital gains tax you might be liable for, as well as determine strategies to save on CGT.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Advice

SDLT is a tax that is paid by the buyer on the price of a property. If you buy a second or more homes, you will need to pay an extra 3% on the standard rates of SDLT. At We Save Property Taxes, we can help you with your SDLT mitigation, reclaim your overpaid stamp duty or assist you during an HMRC investigation.

Trust Tax Advice

We offer advice to our clients on the use of trusts for tax benefits, protecting their inheritance in a safe and effective structure. We can help you prepare your accounts and complete tax returns, handle ongoing and historical tax issues, assist with HMRC inquiries, manage trust tax planning opportunities, and more.

Corporation Restructuring

The right corporate restructuring plan can help you meet your business goals like creating shareholder value, increase in liquidity, better business performance, reducing your tax costs and risks, and enhancing the corporate value of your business. We can offer you qualified corporate restructuring services at We Save Property Tax.

Tax Residence and Domicile Status

Not many people understand the difference between a domicile and a residence. However, they play an important part in estate planning, and your tax residence and domicile status can have a big impact on how much tax you need to pay. We Save Property Tax can help you establish a comprehensive estate plan that serves your best interest.

Let Property Campaign Disclosures

The Let Property Campaign is a chance for landlords who let out residential properties in the UK or abroad to work out and pay the taxes they owe and take advantage of the best terms. If you are a landlord and have undisclosed income, we can help you disclose it to the HMRC now. Call us for more details.

Worldwide Facility Disclosures

The Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) is a program that allows individuals and businesses to disclose their offshore interests in an attempt to increase transparency across global tax authorities. As such, clients need to fully tax compliant or risk facing strict penalties from HMRC. We can offer you an appraisal of your position and can assist you in making full disclosure to the HMRC.

Tax Investigation

The HMRC carries out inquiries every year into the tax affairs of individuals and businesses in the UK. We can help protect you from incurring extra fees that arise from an HMRC tax investigation. Get help from our expert chartered tax accountants today.

Income Tax Service

At We Save Property Tax, we give you access to high-quality income tax advice that you need at an affordable cost. We also advise high net-worth individuals and private businesses on their personal taxes, capital gain taxes, and inheritance taxes, as well as help them structure their personal and business affairs and deal with their transactions.

Corporation Tax Service

If you own multiple properties, have started a property investment business, or are a high-rate taxpayer, we can advise you on how to save on taxes on them, whether by holding the properties in a limited company or some other strategy. We can help you provide strategic business advice and handle your corporation taxes on your behalf.

Compliance Services

Tax compliance services involve preparing and filing notices of election, assessments, returns, and related payments with the inland revenue services on behalf of the taxpayer. At We Save Property Tax, we will take the time to understand your tax issues and help you solve any issues related to company formation, company accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and pensions, VAT returns, tax return filings, and more.

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At We Save Property Tax, Our team of specialist property chartered certified accountants and chartered tax advisers in London have decades of experience working with landlords, property developers, construction companies, architects, property investors, and estate agents. Reach out to us today for any help you need related to your property taxes.

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